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Cybersecurity Services

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Cybersecurity Services

We advise and protect your business helping it to develop a high quality Infrastructure Security, Network Security, Information Security, Cloud Security, Organizational Policy Framework, and End User Behavior Policy; We also can help with Staff training, Penetration testing, PKI Services, MDR Services, Antivirus software, and Firewalls.

We are qualified with specialized training and years on top of years of experience, there is no project challenging enough for us!
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We offer 100% satisfaction Guarantee and if not, we’ll make it right for you!, trust us we are top notch on this market and we know we can deliver the result you need and want.

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  • We have outstanding advantages that others simply just don’t.
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Do mobile devices present security risks?

Mobile malware risks are on the rise, and one of the most serious security concerns with mobile devices is device loss. Personal devices utilized in the office and user authentication are two additional concerns associated with mobile devices.

What are the top five barriers in addressing cyber security?

The top main 5 barriers businesses face to get a good cybersecurity shield are the following: Lack of sufficient funding, Inadequate availability of cybersecurity professionals, Lack of documented processes, Increasing of the sophistication threats, Lack of visibility and influence within the enterprise. In all of those Firequark is ready to help!

What capabilities are necessary components of a cyber security strategy?

Preventive and risk-based protective measures were the emphasis of traditional approaches. Risk-based security means that the amount of money spent on security is determined by the perceived worth of the data being safeguarded. Those approaches are still important parts of security. Two more characteristics, however, must be included: vigilance and resilience. Vigilance is the process of continuously monitoring for hazards in order to spot them early. The ability to respond and recover is referred to as resilience. To keep up with the changing threat landscape, these capabilities must be improved on a regular basis.