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Full Stack Developers and the impact on Software Industry

One of the main reasons why the cost of developing software is cheaper in Firequark than in other companies is because we strictly focus on hiring and teaming up with Full Stack Developers

But What is a Full Stack Developer and what are the benefits of having them on your team?

To fully understand what a full-stack developer is, you first have to know what a front-end and a back-end developer is.

Front End Developer:

:is the professional who is in charge of developing the visible parts of a website or application. It is the one that works on the interface that the end user uses.

Back End Developer:

:is the one that works in the development of the databases and the infrastructure of the page or application.

Full Stack Developer:

:It is a hybrid of both. A Full Stack Developer works both with the visual part used by the end user, as well as with the back part of a website or application, which means that it can tackle global projects that involve databases, the creation of user-oriented websites. user or even work with clients during the project planning phase.

Why is there so much demand for Full Stack Developers?
Entrepreneurship and innovation boom

In the past, roles in the sector were classified according to their functions. Each person was in charge of and specialized in the development of a certain component of the website or application; but, with the advent of entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as the emergence of startups, there is a demand for a profile that can handle more than one of these functions.

Maximize productivity and reduce costs

To cut expenses, today's startups prefer to hire a single individual who can perform multiple functions rather than multiple people. Similarly, larger firms are increasingly turning to specialist small businesses for help, and they need someone on their team who can coordinate IT projects. That's when a Full Stack Developer profile with global abilities comes in handy.

However, contrary to popular belief, this does not imply that a developer is responsible for writing all of the code for a website. Many full stack web developers work on the front end or back end of a website for the most of their time.

Their advantage is that they are familiar enough with the full development's code to be able to work on any portion if needed. Employees that can grasp and address all aspects of a development cycle are also crucial because firms have teams working all over the world.

True, some full-stack developers work on and code complete websites, but this is usually only the case when they are freelancers or the only developer working on a project.

Recruiters worldwide believe that this career will continue to be in high demand despite economic shocks in the job market. Being able to add "full stack" to your CV will undoubtedly help you find a better job, more quickly and even negotiate a better salary.

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