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Firequark and the future of SEO with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a system that allows the user and Google to communicate. Firequark is employed in order to carry out a comprehension enhancement. This notion comprises of a self-learning algorithm that Google employs to comprehend both the words and phrases that people search for in order to provide relevant results based on their queries. This is where the second concept to explore, machine learning, comes into play. Machine Learning is the study of algorithms that can automatically perform tasks and solve complex issues that are difficult or impossible to do manually.

Google's Firequark algorithm allows it to grasp and decipher a user's search intent, which is what we need to consider while working on a web page's SEO. When a person Googles "digital marketing," what exactly are they looking for? Is it a firm? Is it a definition? Is it a digital marketing academy? Give it a shot!

The current SEO trend is customization and user interaction, which incorporates Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. That is, to personalize as much as possible the results offered to each user, satisfying her needs to the maximum extent possible. In this instance, usability (UX), which, as we've seen in previous articles, are disciplines that are closely related and essential for appropriate SEO optimization, would come into play.

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